One Year Speech Eval

  Last week Institutional Speech Therapist gave Max his one year evaluation.
i could've written it, if i had the tech talk.


  It's so sad.  Max doesn't even know that people aren't getting his meaning.  But he does know he's missing huge chunks of conversation around him.
  Therefore, he doesn't like people conversing around him, even if we try to include him.
  He doesn't know basic words, like "twig" "faucet," "reflection," "even."  Not sure what the context was, but he didn't know "division" for the eval, though we've been heavily working with that in math.
  She recommends continuing 1hr/wk of therapy, because he's made progress over the past year, and shows every evidence of continuing to do so.


  But the day before the evaluation, we got word that Max had come to the end of insurance coverge for the year.  We can apply to our his Arc II Trust, into which we put the funds from his Disney stock, to cover rthe rest of the year.  (The trust will be eventually eaten up in fees if we don't add to it, & i always thought it would buy speech therapy.)
  The financial counselor at the institution (i've never had to consult one before) advised that we run the remaining visits as "uninsured," since at this point we'd be paying that rate anyway - double the rate insurance had negotiated, but without the 1/3off uninsured.
  Oh yeah, she wondered why we don't send this through Medicaid.  Not straight Medicaid; it's a waiver, & maxed out.
  Who goes through this?  How many guys like Max do NOT reach potential because no one can do this for them?
  Thank you, "Uncle Artie," for providing the stock.

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