pleasing all

The Fable, The Man, the Boy, and the Donkey
  i just deleted a spam comment wanting me to write at more length.
  Truly i would like to.
on the one hand you can't please everyone.
  Some of my posts are extremely lengthy. Blogposts are supposed to be short, because supposedly people's attention spans are short.  i know everyone is busy.
  A writer sometimes can either live or write.
  And there's been a lot of life in the last couple of months, even if you don't count the surgically-induced loss of typing skills.
  It's been a long time (like original 1981 release) since i saw the Bisset/Bergen film, Rich and Famous.  However, if i remember correctly, it was the scene after Merry Noel leapt out of bed to catch an idea for her book that viewers learned her husband wanted a divorce.
  The life you miss in writing usually isn't so dramatic, but writing time is not living time.

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