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  i liked the view in my mirror as i backed into my parkplatz (German/English combination; my own as far as i know), so i snapped it with my cellphone
  Later, i thought the transparency in the photo file was cool so i did a screenshot.
  Anyone ever done one?  i hadn't this time last year.  It's kinda cool. 
  There's actually a key that says "Print Screen," or maybe something similar on a different brand keyboard.  Look in the top row, with ESC and all the F_ keys.
  i hit Print Screen, then opened my trusty Paint program.  (You probably have somethng more sophisticated, like Photoshop, maybe.)
  Once in Paint, i Select-ed and Crop-ped off the toolbar at the top, then the part of the transparent underlay that i didn't like. 
  The strangest part was selecting the little rectangle at the right edge.  After selecting, i moved it toward the middle, then Select-ed the main picture to Crop the vacated edge off.
  This left me with a mismatched edge.  You can still see some of it, by the right edge of the white house.
  Using the eyedropper tool, i Select-ed sky and tree colors. one at a time,  to minimize the hard edge.  With a selected color, i then chose the Airbrush brush, and sprayed it lightly over the edges.
  Lettering & borders added last.
  Like i said, inexpertly done, but several of these techniques are new to me.
  And it's a weirdly cool photo, one way or another.

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