A Word About The Cameras

My current camera: Nikon's discontued P80, which was at the top of its middle line of cameras

   My family has always been a picture taking family.

The young girl who became my grandmother, 2nd from left, enjoys a summer afternoon with friends

  While i can't say with certainty what camera took what heritage photo, i have an impressive collection of antique ones.  Possibly the camera that took it IS part of the collection.  That one is a leather-box with bellows model of appropriate vintage.
  i do not, however, own the Brownie Hawkeye my mom had for decades, the first camera i remember being used in our family.
  There was a Tower camera.  It's somewhere in my collection, which, if i ever actually decorate the house, will be displayed on the walls.
  For most of my childhood, however, we had Kodak Instamatics of various lineages. My parents owned both models shown in the Wikipedia article (9/5/12).  My very first camera was a cheap imitation, purchased for $1 in about 1067, which required a rubber band to keep the box closed.
  i used a real Kodak Instamatic for years.  i loved the APS camera.  Actually, i thought i'd never go to digital, i loved it so much.
  At some point there may be photo of these cameras.  For now, a few tidbits for anyone who's interested.

A Word About Our Wedding Photos

  Usually wedding photographers are jealous about their copyrights.   i was given the copyright on ours.
  The photos were taken by a family friend.  After he (or perhaps it was his widow) passed away, their son was clearing out the home.  One day, my dad and sister arrived home to find two envelopes of negatives stuck between the storm door and the main door.
  The negatives to her wedding photos and mine.
  Later, in thanking him for them, i asked the son what the gift of the negatives meant in terms of copyright.  He said he didn't care about that and all the rights were mine now.
  Our family friend was Floyd Haga, a wonderful man throughout his life.

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