The Blue Hair Experiment

   Max wants blue hair.  i'm not sure it's going to happen.
  He's been talking about this for several months now, since the local paper featured some people with unusual hair dyes.
  Our stylist, the minister's wife, has never done this before.  She asked around, and told me that, since Max's hair is dark, we'd have to bleach it yellow first.
  She would if we wanted - figure to spend like $60 - but really wasn't interested.
  The gals in the hair salon in our local big-box store discussed this with me.  We could make an appointment for their slow day (Thursday), and give him twice as long in the chair, to figure in jollying along time, or whatever.
  Did i mention Max hates to have his face & head touched?
  Max decided that the lengthy time in the chair made it not for him.
  i looked into dying with KoolAid, a do it yourself method.
  We discussed it a few weeks more.
  Tonight, he was ready.
  But i don't think he'll have blue hair in the morning.
  Max ended up deciding to do it all himself.  No touch, Mom.
  His new pajamas have blue drops on them, but he didn't get much on his hair.
  Finally, i demonstrated.
  i do not really want blue hair, though blue is my favorite color.
   At least it's not permanent.
  Now that belly-button piercing he wants, he'll have to wait until someone else is sort of in charge to see him through it.
  Weird hair is one thing.  Extra holes are something else.
  Says the girl who let her ear piercings grow closed when she realized that for several years they only got cleaned when infected.  Do not need that.

Update, 5pm: Well, neither of us have blue hair after the rinse.  Max wants to try again. Next time, we'll
  • use 5 packets, not 3
  • use less water; it was kinda runny
  • and again, i will try to get him to let me touch.  Not likely, but......
  • and hopefully i won't have to demo this time. 

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  1. I would LOVE to bleach my hair blond and dye the tips blue! Way to go, Max!


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