Monday Maintenance: How a Blog Works

a charming story; thanks for sharing, but it does NOT go with "Did It!"
And still the spam comes in.
No wonder a lot of people delete it unread!
A lot of it is about writing and using a blog.  i'll address some of that.

This blog is hosted by Blogger.  

It's free and simple, and endlessly customizable.
  A lot of you complain about not finding where to email me or something else that is right on the page.  Maybe you're using the mobile app; i never look at that because it's ugly and leaves too much out.  i've disabled it.  Comment here if this is too much of a problem.

If you come to a specific post,

you will see that post, and anything that shows up everytime the blog is opened.  That is, whatever the blog writer has in the sidebars & top & bottom margins.
  Personally, i pack mine.
  You come to a specific post, that link always goes to that post.  (Well, unless the blogger or site owner takes it down.  But normally, one link goes to one post.)
  Suppose you came to the home page.
  That is always changing.
  It has the same marginalia as the specific post, but what you see will be the most recent post and however many most recent ones that the blogger wants to show.
  Or, if you send a link to today's post, but your friend opens it tomorrow or next week, your friend may or may not see what you intend. 


  A lot of widgets come free with Blogger.  Most that i do use, i found onsite.
   i don't know of any widgets for anything that i'm not using.
  Well, i'm probably aware of some, but not being technologically interested, i haven't paid attention.  All widgets i use are all readily available and free. Enter a search term for what you want and see what comes up.  Wikipedia can give a rundown on a lot of things.

Blogging Information is Out There.

 One of my favorite nonprofits hosted a blogging workship a few years ago.  i pick up stuff online.  There's lots out there for free, as well as people who want to teach classes.  Usual internet search tools will help you connect.
  A few weeks ago i picked up a book about blogging.  The book i bought is How to Blog Made Easy, by Richard N. Williams.  MyGuy thought it was a stupid purchase, and said i could've written it.
  Maybe.  About a third of it.  If i wanted to spend my time that way.
  i want to read, do art, watch TV, and eat pizza & doughnuts.  A lot of other life intrudes.
  i blog because that's my vocation.  No it doesn't pay.  But i want to share my art, and i need to let others know what daily life is like with someone like Max.
  This is not the place to come to learn blogging, though i may toss crumbs now & again.

Comments about Me & My Style

  •  Someone wants to link exchange with me.  Not sure how standard a term this is, but it's pretty much what i thought: i post his, he posts mine.  i might do this with someone (hey, aren't the blogs in my blogroll like that?), but it has to be something of interest to me.  i'm not going to support a business somewhere way else, especially if it's not a business i would support (no, never links for e-cigarettes.)
  • Someone asks repeatedly about how to turn off being notified of new comments on a specific page.  i wish i could help you.  i'm sorry you're being bothered by this.  i hope you are at least only receiving repeat comments of ones i've approved, not all the ones i receive and DON'T approve.
  • Many of you want me to write more.  i have, lots more.  You can find it under tags/labels at the bottom of the page like "Life with Max," "Medicaid," and such like.
  • Some of you are bothered by my spelling and grammar.  i suspect you are all referring to my lower-case i's.  There are typos.  i try to catch them, but it doesn't always happen.  My grammar is informal; this is not literature; i'm sharing as if you were beside me.  And if you can't ignore the lower-case i's or make a game of what i'm doing with them, you might want to read  this.
  • And you should bear in mind i do have hand issues.  i'm debating whether i need a separate label for posts about that - what do ya'll think?  my hand surgery & removing the bandage

Yahoo! News link
Several of you commented about finding me on Yahoo! news.  You wonder how to make it there, as you've tried & never made it.  Well, i have no clue.  i don't even know what they said about me.  If someone could kindly forward me the link, i would like to see it.  Presumably it's not a slam, because ya'll say kind things to me, but i would like to know what they said & how my post about getting onto Medicaid waiver program went viral.

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