Wordless Wednesday: First Hawaii Scrapbook Pages

The little diamond shapes are photo scraps.

We arrived here about the halfway point of our 9-day trip to the Big Island back in 2008, but when i scrapbooked our trip, i started with these!
It took me two years to scrapbook the photos from our trip, but these pages were done right after we returned.  (Actually, there's a couple of pages i want to redo, but i won't let myself until i know exactly what they should be!)

Be sure you notice the turtles in the photos!  The yellow framed photo, plus three others in the series, are from a postcard i cut up.  Behind the yellow frame is the legend of the flattop hills inland from the beach.
 The Black Sand Beach was on the road to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  We drove to the park & back 3 of the 9 days we were on the island, but only stopped once at the beach.  Hot hot sand, icy water, at 17 degrees north of the equator.
Opposite this page is a pocket page with lots of brochures, news articles, and other stuff.  i also included our park passes.  The b&w snippet is a printout from the park brochure.

i think the crater is 10 miles across.  Here are views from different points around it.  The aerial vieew to the right of my caption is a postcard.

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  1. I didn't know you liked to scrapbook! That's awesome! I still have to scrapbook my Hawaii trip from 2003/2004--Yikes! :) Love the diamond photo scraps!


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