Max's Demand

  If you've been following me, you will have seen that, last March, Max's speech person got let go by her company.
And as of today, i still haven't gotten him a new one.


  It's not that i haven't tried.  i've researched, both available providers in the area and the Medicaid downloadable book. i've called a few providers.   i've asked our case manager for help.  Maybe i haven't asked the right question, or maybe she really is just about the waiver.
  But there is no further funding available under his waiver, and i can't find someone who meets the necessary criteria:
  • MyGuy insists that we get someone not associated with a hospital.  Which means we simply can't slip into another SLP with the same place we'd been going.
  • It seems all the providers who accept Medicaid are also located in a hospital.
  • The ones i've called, all tell me that they only do children.  (Hello, autism is a lifelong condition.  The therapy HELPS him, even now.)

Max Found Words!

  This one incident does NOT prove that a therapist can't help him.  But rather it shows how much he HAS been helped since beginning.
  Max came up to me out of the blue, not once but twice, and demanded, "Speech Teacher in August!"
  So my work is cut out for me.  And i know less about how to do it than when i started in February.


Help for Mom?

  In today's emails, the Arc sent a link to Family Voices.  They have a new training out to help navigate the funding maze.
  The first resource is private insurance.
  And, once again, it seems to assume that only parents of small children will be attempting to navigate the maze.
  Maybe MyGuy or i can make something out of the video. 

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