Wordless Wednesday: Day out with Thomas the Tank Engine, 2015

 Unusually, this year we have no photos of Thomas himself.

The local historic railroad provides a shuttle service from a local school parking lot.  It was a little confusing this year, because they'd printed their signs, then learned the first day of the event that that parking lot wasn't available.

Our first view on dismounting the shuttle bus.
  Some things don't change.  While we were waiting to return to our van, a family beside us was talking about how their little Thomas fan's best part of the day was shopping in the tent on the right of the above photo. (You didn't think there would NOT be shopping????)
  Max is perhaps the oldest Thomas fan attending without a little one, but the shopping is his favorite part too.  He chose a toy Caitlin, a music CD and a rubber stamp of James.
Where We Ride with Thomas: http://whitewatervalleyrr.org/
How to Find Your Local Day Out with Thomas:

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  1. This is only my second or third time not joining the family for DOWT, I think. I recall deciding to stay home once early on and I probably missed a couple in college.

    Two or three years ago (one of the ones I did attend in college), I had a sudden realization that anyone there my age was almost certainly a parent.


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