Wordless Wednesday: Playing with Image Editing

Playing with the Images Using Open Office Writer

  You can do all sorts of things to your images here.  To the left of the opened drop box is one option to access an image.  i always use the "Insert" button, then drop to "Picture." The next three images come from the Sparkler/Fireworks icon.
Here they are, all together.
Inverted Colors
Very Similar, at least this time: Solarized Colors
This is called "Posterized."  For all of these above, you can adjust how many pixels to "posterize" by.

  Other options here are Smooth, Sharpen, Remove Noise, Aging, Pop Art, Charcoal Sketch, Relief, & Mosaic.
When you've selected the image, clicking on the lower "Default" will give you options of Grayscale, Black and White, and Watermark.  This is Black and White.  i might use this if i wished to trace, transfer onto paper, and make new art.
  There's a rainbow button so you can work with RGB values (a different way to change colors.  And the goblet icon allows you to increase transparency.
  Usually i will copy the image achieved this way, and add lettering, borders, whatever, in Paint.
  And i haven't begun to touch what these programs can do. 

Disclaimer:  No one has paid me to say this.  It's what i use, and i enjoy these programs.  Usually.  i only live with computer nerds - i'm not one myself!

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