Speech Search Update

  Last night, i showed MyGuy the Medicaid search results for providers which i had obtained from

 Searching Yesterday

  He promptly told me that i was using the wrong search criteria.  i was attempting to search via our ZIP code, a valid option which returned nothing.  
  The ZIP code seemed, to me, the best way to go.  i don't care about county or city, but how many miles from home.
  MyGuy told me to search with , yes, county or city.

 Searching Today

  Three hours after beginning, i have viewed:
  • over 100 Medicaid speech providers in Marion County
  • 28 in Johnson County
  • and 33 in Hendricks County
  And i found: 
  • 37 unique names that i felt i could follow up with (i copied those names & their contact information onto a more usable document)
  • 10 names listed as Hendricks County providers, who work out of the same address in Fishers.
  • Sometimes  the same individual is working in multiple locations in multiple counties.
  • At least one provider, whose website i looked up, works in one of the searched-on counties - and another in a distant part of the state.
  • 11 locations i felt i could follow up on - but the people work in LOTS of different addresses
  • 8 names of providers working out of "Company A," Max's day services provider.  i have been told repeatedly that there is a long waiting list to get in with them.
  • 4 individuals working for "Company B," from whom we had the home - facility - community person last summer.  Initially, Max was very eager to work with Company B, but after the time with her, he wants nothing to do with that company.
  • 15 individuals working for 3 companies, whom i have already researched, who do not accept clients older that 16 (in some cases, the cutoff is younger.) 
  • At least two of the addresses seem to be hospitals.  MyGuy is adamant that i do not use a hospital again.  He thinks that they will cost more. (Maybe so, but the clients whom he considers those driving the costs up, include Medicaid patients, which Max needs to be, at least for the most part. . . . )
  • Leaving me with about 15 individuals whom i might check into.
  It is very discouraging.  i have lots of fun researching ancient history and pop culture stuff, but this is confusing and, did i mention, discouraging?  i truly feel that when i count up the people it seems worthwhile to actually contact, i'll get the same responses i have to my calling.  (Did i mention that i totally hate making phone calls?  Even to people i actually want very much to talk to?)
   Actually, i suspect that we will end up with another hospital provider after all.
  Which i could've done with no trouble back in March. 

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