The more i know, the less i understand.

Actually i feel that way about a lot of things.  Most of them are kinda academic, but negotiating Max's services is decidedly UNacademic.
  When Max was about this age, i learned
that there was probably no point to applying for assistance because our income would exclude us.
  After he was 18, we applied for SSI and were promptly approved.  Family income, after age 18, is not required.  We're still trying to make it work though it's been most helpful in getting services for him.  Such as the speech therapy which has helped him so much.
  i'm still trying to find a new speech provider who accepts Medicaid.  The service is vital, yet unaffordable to us.  Waiver services do not stretch so far, and the SSI doesn't either.

Confirmation of Diagnosis form

  Earlier this year, we received a form from BDDS asking us to fill out and return, affirming Max's continuing disability so that he could continue to receive the waiver.
  The form required a doctor's signature and had a return date. 
  Max and i took this to the BDDS office last week.
  And the staffer said the form wasn't required.  He's on the waiver; that's all that's needed.
  Accepting our form, and giving me a copy signifying they had it, was not a problem.
  But why is it mailed out as "required" if it isn't?

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