Update after Calling about Speech

  Max now has an appointment with a new speech therapist.
  Now that it's done, it seems almost like i was whining about having to do it, but it really was hard work, and i honestly think writing out what i needed to do helped clarify what needed to be done next.

After the Post

   When i finished posting, i did several searches on "Speech providers at (address).
  This eliminated a bunch, as they were hospital providers whose connection was not referenced in the directory.
  i recopied the names of four places: Company A, the one who has a clinician working in two counties, and two others.

Making Calls

  Then we went to Max's tutor session.  While she & Max were in her office, i began calling.
  Oh, whoops, this name came up with a search on a location's address. It isn't actually a Medicaid provider.
  On to the second, the provider with the clinician working in two counties.   Their receptionist was not flustered at all, as others have been when telling me that they don't serve adults.  She said they get a lot of such calls, and offered to email or snailmail me a list of providers who do work with adults.  The list won't indicate Medicaid or not, but i can cross-reference.      Thank you, Megan!
  i talked myself out of calling Company A.  i've got other things i need to talk to them about, and it seemed too complicated to cover on the phone.  (Did i mention i hate making phone calls?)

The Last One

  So on to the last provider i'd brought info for.  It's a therapy and rehab place, possibly farther from home than the place we'd been going, but not much.  It IS within my "sphere."
  i called them.  She instantly offered to set us up with an appointment, even knowing we were talking about adult services.  
We discussed which day would be good for us, and offered an appointment next week.  Conflict!  So the appointment is a little further out, but on the books.  She got Max's Medicaid number, and asked me to have his physician send in the authorization paperwork. 
  Max's doctor's office was my next call.  This receptionist asked for the other provider's phone and fax #s, then said she'd have the doctor get on it.
  And we have an appointment in two weeks. 
                To be continued. . . . 

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