Impaired Computer Wednesday

"Where's your Wordless Wednesday?"
  The short version: computer issues.
Keep reading for the whole yarn:

  Yesterday i wanted to set up today's Wordless Wednesday post.
  While Max was in tutor session, i took some photos of what i wanted to share. 
  Later, my computer was running excessively slow.  However, i forged onward.

i found a connector gadget & dumped the photos from my phone into the picture file.  It was quite tedious, because i had to do in batches (i was saving the ones i still actually wanted on the phone, and of course, it seemed, there were hundreds).
  Three hours later, i had to leave.  Instead of logging out, i Switched User, to save my work.
  That's what was supposed to happen.  When i finally got back to the computer, it had reverted to Logged Out.  (i could tell  i had in fact Switched User as i'd wanted, because Windows 10 showed the screen ready for the user i'd selected as switch-ee, instead of me.)
  Well, no big deal.  i can open everything again.
  Except i wasn't getting anything to open.  For maybe 10 minutes, there was the blank blue background, then my screensaver kicked in.
  And no toolbar or access to programs.
  i got MyGuy the Computer Guy.  He told me to reboot.
  After another 10 or 15 minutes, the machine gave me a screen to choose what language i wanted my keyboard to use.  Two to three dozen choices , on a screen i'd never seen before.
  With no cursor or other means of selection.
  MyGuy sat down with it.
  After another half hour, it had booted up again.
  To the same screen, again with no means of selection.
Therefore i am now using a different computer, with no access to my pictures any of my files or my main mail account.  No idea when i can get back;  MyGuy has no clue what's specifically going on with ours, but tells me the abominably slow running is extremely common just now & no one seems able to fix it.


  1. Hi Valerie,
    Happy that even though you can't post pictures and do wordless Wednesday that you can still write for us. Loved spending time with you on Saturday a week ago. Sharon

  2. thanks for the comment, Sharon. hope it wasn't difficult.


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