Windows 10 has moved in.

  i hadn't necessarily wanted it. i mean, i knew we'd have to upgrade at some point. But i also remembered the adjustment period. i was NOT eager for it.
  But these alerts kept annoying me, so i asked MyGuy about getting rid of them.
  And Windows 10 is here.
  It needn't have been as big an adjustment as i feared.
  There's a lot of social and shoppping stuff to get rid of. Getting my screensaver back was a hassle that i brought on myself. It seems i didn't need to redo my enlarged screen and when i did anyway, i lost the screensaver slideshow.
  Or rather blocked it. it was a few days' work to find where i'd made that mistake. But i did and the screensaver is back. Much better than solid white, black, or any of the colorschemes offered.
  We still haven't connected me with my cute personal icon i'd been using. It's on the PC somewhere, just not where i can reach it.

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