Words on Wednesday: A Short Reading List

  i found the author Diana Wallis Taylor in my Ruth project (which is actually coming along - though it may be 6 months behind schedule by the time you see the posts!).
  Taylor writes interesting stories.  Here i am only looking at her Biblical ones, though she has written roughly as many contemporary ones.  She tries to find an overlooked aspect of the woman she's writing about, a new way to look at a possibly misunderstood woman.
  i have found all enjoyable.  i hadn't known Claudia was so well-referenced in secular history, as contrasted with her single appearance in the Bible (Matthew 27:19).  Her portraits are believable and well-researched, not stepping beyond the bounds of adhering to/not contradicting the text of Scripture.  (There is a sense in which you cannot "adhere to" a short text when you are writing a 200+ page novel!)
  And, while i'm probably not the one to appraise her skill, it looks to me like she's improving as a writer as she continues to write.
  Looking over her list, i see there's one of her Biblical novels, Mary Magdalene, that i haven't found yet, as well as excitedly looking forward to the publication ofher newest, Mary: Chosen of God, expected September 1.

The Ruth Project, and others from my spring 2016 reading list
My Interview with Diana Wallis Taylor

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