Ancient Mythology Comes to Me

  The Sphinx is a character that appears in many ancient mythologies, as well as famous and not so famous statues.
  One famous incarnation
is the Theban one that Oedipus dealt with.
  The riddle posed by this sphinx is often parodied.  Its famous original is the one that came to me:
  "Which creature goes upon four legs in the morning, two at midday, and three in the evening?"
   The answer is man, humans: crawls when a baby, walks, and needs a cane when old (which should NOT be interpreted to mean that i am old).

The Bad Knees

  Way back when, in my early 20s, i loved the playground swings.  And, not being chronologically a child, i also had a job.  Time was getting short when i realized that Plainfield is a little distance from Brownsburg.
  But you can't stop fast swings quickly.
  Or can you?
  Since i was desperate to get on the road, i stopped flat-footed.
  "Ouch" is an understatement.
  My first arthritis diagnosis came less than 10 years later.  By now both knees are bone-on-bone, though surprisingly (or not) the one whose bone is worse is not the most painful one.
  Yes, there is almost certainly one or more knee replacement surgeries coming up.
  Health care professionals tell me the other hurts worse because of the unconscious accomodations i've made.
  They're probably right.  My left leg has been locking up, but not since yesterday.  We'll see how that continues.

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Oedipus and the Sphinx         

some places to purchase canes like i bought:
i bought mine here.  They're really knowledgeable, and good to deal with, though i notice the price is somewhat higher.  They carry ones that support 300lbs, or ones that support 900lbs.

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