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  MyGuy tells me that what i lost in the crash will probably remain lost.  Which includes medical notes for 5-10 years, as well as all the images and a lot of the text for my Ruth project.  But there's a printout of a lot of it, and all my handwritten notes are still here.
  At least they were until yesterday.  i typed up more at the library, and recycled the pages before leaving.  Hopefully they really are saved onto my flash drive.
  Reminds me of this bit on nonhumorous humor:
      Three things are certain  Death, taxes and lost data. Guess which has occurred.   With searching comes loss      And the presence of absence:     "My Novel" not found. 
  And we have a little progress here.  Tonight MyGuy presented me with a laptop (at one point i knew its provenance), in my usual spot on the computer desk.  He's loaded basics of our accounts*.  i spent most of the last two hours continuing to set up personalize, and catch up with the last two weeks of mail in the trapped account.
  And i am more convinced than before that i really really don't like working on a laptop.  Am i hardcore PC?

* his, mine, and Max's.  There were also his admin account, Boom's (sorry), and one no one seemed to have the hang of, which was for me and MyGuy plus Boom to discuss household maintenance, etc.

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