Big Box or Local Storefront - plus cane update

  On Tuesday, i shared with you about my new cane.
  i suppose some of you might think it strange
that i didn't seem to mind paying more at the smaller, local place.
  Generally i am in favor of the smaller stores.  If we don't patronize them, actually spend money there, they won't continue to be around. 
  Not only is such a purchase a support of local people, the service is better.  Every time i've been in there, staff has spent at least 5-10 minutes helping me decide.  i haven't bought something every time, just most of the time.  And once several staffers between them spent nearly an hour with me.  (i don't think i bought anything that day.)
  i doubt the young staff i see at the local big box store would even have a clue about this product.  And online purchases - even if i did decide to do that again, getting help from such places is difficult for me.  Is it for others of you?

Update on the Cane

  i reported to my primary care provider.  He said it's great i finally got one (not that he'd ever suggested such a thing).  Since my breathing is better, he's okay with my waiting until the scheduled December appointment to see my pulmonologist, but that ortho surgeon, i should get in quickly anyway.
  So we'll see what i can do on that front.  Meanwhile, i've learned that maybe i was more in need than i thought.  Using it constantly, both legs are better, but if i try to not use it on the flat open floors at home, things get worse quickly.
  Always something to learn. . . .

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