Another Week with Max -- Part 1

  Last Friday i shared about our first week with what i hope will be our normal schedule, mine & Max's, for awhile.
  It's not working out that way.


  Monday, ok,  Max plays violin beautifully.  And enjoys it.  And the Monday tutor session went very well.
  Then things crashed.
  Tuesday at 9 was to be speech.  At 11:30 was the last PTA meeting of my term as secretary/membership chairman.  Preparation always requires a lot of time, which doesn't seem possible to do until THE LAST MINUTE (is there any other time?)This involved extra preparation, because, even though lots of people look at my paperwork & comment on my organizational skills, i'm really not very organized.  For this meeting, i needed to go through a stack of papers 8" high & sort to pass on relevant ones to the new officers.

Getting to Bed - And Getting Up

  By 4am, i was in bed.
  A night person to begin with , & always punctuality challenged, i thought i was doing well to get out of the house by ten till 9.
  When i called wonder-full speech therapist to let her know our progress, she said, Sorry, too late, don't bother.
  Knowing that, whether Max came with me or not, he wasn't going to have a great afternoon, i offered to get him a McDonald's breakfast sandwich instead.
  Ok, not the greatest example of parenting.  Food, not time or working with.
  Back to preparation.

Communication:  Can we Ever Get it Right?

  MyGuy and i had asked Boom to be off this day, both because of the meeting & our anniversary  (MyGuy is another officer in the PTA.)  However, Boom only heard the anniversary part, and got work hours from 9:45 to 2pm, pretty much covering the meeting.
  Max opted to accompany me.
   Well, THERE"S a whole book there.  Could've been worse, could've been better.
  So Tuesday didn't go the way we'd planned, but it ended up ok.

Choice, or This is How It Is?

   Wednesday, wonder-full tutor asked Max throughout the session "Do you want to do violin now or ___________?"
  He always chose the other.
  Very frustrating.  Especially since she was unable to do today's session.

  Later i did another one of our little questionaires - this is part of it - & emailed it to Miss Tutor.  maybe this will help next time.  In two weeks - she's going away for an intensive class next week.
                    To Be Continued

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