Hot Dog & Bun Conversation: Kind and Fair

   This is not about food. It's about understanding the incompatibility of the choices made. 
i would have rather done something simpler, like given Max all 3 to begin with.  That is the type of choice my mom would have made.  She would've made the song & dance too, but it would have been a different song & dance.* The choice, however, would've been all hers.

  To make sure Max made the choice he intended to, i handed him the buns to portion out, the the tongs for doing the hot dogs.
  He gave himself three of each. i made one more comment, something about what Max wants is more important than fair, and dropped the matter.

  It was after all dinner time.

  (It occurs to me now a better choice would have been to at least offer two hot dogs, not three.
  But this segment is called "Parenting Imperfect.")

*Hmmm.  Neither my mom nor i had any intention to deceive.  It seems i'm using a Britishism here, definition 1 on the 2nd entry.

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