Words to Confuse, Words to Unite: A Tale in Trey

Scene 1: Tutor Session at Culver's 


  Max and understanding are two different worlds sometimes.
  Off routine is an invitation for - well, more disruption.
  Last Friday, i needed to have car work done at 1pm.  Not a problem, i thought, since the tutor session was scheduled for 11:30.
  Then Miss Tutor needed to push it back to 1.
  Still not a problem, since Boom was joining us for lunch & could stay the entire time.  (Max is very insecure about being with  people he's not sufficiently used to, & Miss Tutor isn't quite there yet.)
  Then Miss Tutor was a half hour late.
  Boom called me wondering what to do.  Max had finished his lunch & was ready to go.
  i advised them to stay, as she'd be there soon.
  And she was.  The problem came a few minutes later.

"Do you have a place to go?"

    Miss Tutor asked Boom.  He was confused.  It sounded like he ws supposed to leave.  But he'd been to these sessions before, and knew that i would normally just sit at the next table.
  Compromising, he refilled his drink and took it into the restroom before leaving.*
  Max was out the door.  Miss Tutor was on the phone to me, panicked that Boom would think it appropriate to leave.
  About then, Boom reappeared.  Still panicked, yet relieved that he had  not left the premises, she ordered him to bring his brother in.
   i teased out later that it was a misunderstanding.  Could've been disastrous, but, well, it wasn't.
  Just another day of Life with Max.

Scene 2: Missing the Best?

  Skipping back a few years. . . .
 On the second day of our Big Island Trip, MyGuy and i hadn't completely made the switch to Island Time.  We'd gotten a late start to our day's activities, and it was well into the afternoon when we came to this gorgeous park.
i had a water bottle to recycle, and there was actually a recycling barrel - in the shelter, which was occupied by two Hawaiian guys practicing guitar.  We tried carefully to reach the barrel without interupting them, but they called us over.  We had a delightful conversation for awhile - then something changed.  The hour was getting later; i was very conscious of other parks to visit before they closed, and it had to be today because we only had 9 days here; something.
  i felt dismissed.
  But i wondered later if these great guys were rather giving us  haoles permission to move on, in the frenetic way offislanders do.

Scene 3: Affirmation from Old School Papers


  A year or two ago, i bought the book How the States Got their Shapes.  At some point i read it, then Boom read it, & we've been watching Season 1 of the TV series from the library.
  Reading & watching has had me searching, unsuccessfully until last night, for my middle school report on the lost state of Franklin.

Words to Understand

  So, in looking for that report, i found something called Sourcebook, where our senior English teacher had required MyGuy and our classmates to collect quotations, presumably for use in writing.
  Very interesting reading.
  Neither of us have changed all that much, as far as these Sourcebooks reveal.  i can see him in the quotes he chose, and the same quotes pretty much still resonate with me.
  He handwrote his 50 on notebook paper & received a C.  i don't think our teacher understood him.  She kept asking "Agree?" i can't imagine him putting a quote there if he didn't agree.  At one point she wrote that a particular quote helped her understand why he likes Asimov.   And she kept relating everything back to 1984, which he quoted once.
  i typed 70 quotes.  A lot of them were "English major" type quotes, chosen as much for how the words sound as for their meaning.  From Langston Hughes' Harlem, i quoted only,two words, "dream deferred."  English major stuff, about sounds and feelings as much as the meaning of the words, though there was a lot of that too.
  She didn't write as much on my pages.
  We both wrote about writing.  i found similar ideas about love and looking at the world in both our Sourcebooks, though this was before we started dating.
  Different ideas, too.  We both wrote about honesty, but he wrote more of science and i about faith.
  Amazingly, i found a quote that i thought i had found for the first time just four or five years ago, the Truman one about history,  the one listed here as #1 of his top 25 quotes.

  *7/4:  Boom read this & emailed me a clarification/correction:  "I wasn't leaving the restaurant. I thought I might after I finished my ice cream at a table around the corner out of sight, but I quickly decided there was nowhere to go. I just needed the restroom.
   Also I didn't refill my drink right then. I put a lid on the empty cup so I could bring it into the restroom and use it safely afterward. " 

  Yet another misunderstanding from words.  i was rather distressed when i originally received the story, and this doesn't make as much difference as the original one, yet, i do want to set the record straight.  i apologize, so, for getting it wrong.

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