First Car, Last Car

  My first car was a 1973 V8 Chevy Nova coupe.
  Only recently did i realize
how totally cool a car it was.
  Oh, eventually i came to feel that first car love for it. But i really think it was like the train set when i was 3:  for me, i enjoyed it, but chosen because it was what Daddy would've wanted at my age.
  He seemed to want my input on the car, but i really wasn't interested in machines.  i think we saw & haggled over every car in the county, but the only one i remember is the soft yellow ElCamino. i PETTED it & said i'd call it " my palimino."
  i did - desperately - want a horse. i don't even like yellow.

My Sister's First Car: A Match Made in Heaven

i don't know how much input she was allowed/encouraged to have in the selection of her first car, but it was perfect. The fit was right from day one, tan was & is one of her top favorite colors, and, simply, she loved the car.  When it was totaled a few years later, on a day her husband drove it to work, he was hurt more by her sorrow over the car than his injuries.
  He didn't get it.  Bruises wouldn't last.  He may have been hurting, but he was still THERE.  She still had & would have, does have, her man, but her car, that Perfect First Car, was gone forever.

The Last Car Daddy Gave Me


  Okay, Daddy actually, personally, bought me only the Nova.  And it was a family car until i graduated from college, then signed over to me& MyGuy jointly.
  But i think of the van as Daddy's last car purchase for me, because i bought it from his estate.  And i rather think he would approve of the purchase.

Last Cars: Starting the Next Generation

   We weren't able to fix Boom up with a car. (or at least agree we could.) So Boom first acquired a car last year from the estate of his great aunt, "Aunt MyGuy's Mom's Sister."
  A sexy car it isn't.  It radiates Middle Age Respectability. And it's tan.
  He's about to move up in the car world.  Another Last Car, this one from the estate of my Uncle Mommy's Brother and Aunt Sister in Law, who survived him.   Also a golden tan, not sexy car, it is newer, by about 8 years, as well as larger and more luxurious.
  Aunt MyGuy's Mom's Sister went in for middle of the line comfort.  For Uncle Mommy's Brother and Aunt Sister in Law, they could afford biggest and best, so they bought biggest and best.
  But it's still a sedan that Radiates Middle Age Respectability.  Reliable transportation moving up to comfortable transportation, but still a million years from what the single twentysomething guy would choose were money no object.
  Either car, he's happy.  It moves, he's  not sharing with Mom.
  (and when we were sharing, the van had my name on the front plate.)

(photos will follow when the computer is up to speed again!  Meanwhile, i've used available tools to sort of match the colors.)
  (And SOMEDAY maybe i will drive one the color of my dream car, if practical considerations coincide.)

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