Sign of the Times: Money, Counterfeiting, & a Joke

 In the store today i watched the cashier inspect a $20 for signs of counterfeiting.
  She looked about my age, so, when it was my turn,  i commented how, normally, life seems about the same as when we were young, but sometimes something like this brings it home that it's very different now.
  She went on a mild, sad rant about how horrible it was.
  For some reason i was reminded of a joke i hadn't thought of in a long time.
  She seemed to enjoy it; maybe you will like it too.


 If you don't care for the "victim"/perp or this joke, think of it as a smart blonde joke &  a deceiver deceived joke.
And it may help to remember that, as a society, jokes help us "deal with" a "widespread kind of social and cultural anxiety, lingering below the surface."  And you should know that i do understand this is a serious issue.

 My Favorite Counterfeiter Joke

  The story concerns two inept counterfeiters.
  Somehow they came up with a batch of $18 bills.
  Now, does the US government make $18 bills?  These guys were competent enough to know that it would be hard to pass these!
  The apprentice counterfeiter was all worked up.  "What we gonna do, boss?  What we gonna do?"
  The senior counterfeiter wasn't perturbed.  He said they would drive wa-a-a-a-y out into the country and have some hillbilly make change for them.

It seemed like they drove forever into the mountains.

  Finally they found just the fella the boss guy wanted.  He was sitting on his rickety front porch, leaning the back legs of his chair against the front wall of his house as he smoked his corn cob pipe.
  "Hey buddy," they called, "Ya got change for an $18?"
 "Sure do," the backwoodsman drawled.  "Ya gonna want that in sixes or nines?"

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