More Mustard Please

Not that anybody asked, but it's gravity.  Gravity and patience, that's all.

  Anybody can squeeze a condiment from a full bottle.  It gets a little harder as the bottle gets less full.  Kids of whatever age are ready to toss the bottle when you have to wait awhile for the good stuff.
This will serve about 5 sandwiches.
  We usually have two upside down bottles in the fridge, draining into the caps, until there's enough that i can cut the bottles open and scoop the contents into a storage cup.  Then the guys will scoop it onto sandwiches, but they don't seem to wait to let it drip onto the sandwich.
  Ketchup, which only i use, goes down to the point where only fries can be dipped into the lid.
  Not magic, or superiority.  i'm plenty spendthrift in other ways.  But i can stretch stupid things like condiments and spaghetti sauce.
  Why not?

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