Musings from A Pull Through Parking Place: Vacations Past, and Why Max Isn't Ready to Drive

  It wasn't a pull-through parking place when i took it.
But, being so far out from the doors, i figured it might be by the time Max and i returned.  And i was right.  
  i like pull-throughs.  i don't like backing, especially when who knows what people or vehicle might be behind me.  Much simpler to make sure i don't have to watch for any.  Safer too, as far as i can see, though i suppose that strip mall manager who has eliminated pull-throughs might have a good reason.

Two Pull-Throughs Which Weren't There Before

  When we had loaded our groceries & gotten in, the guy in front of us/to our right was ready to leave too.  i figured that he would take the pull-through option as well.  i knew i would have.
  But this driver didn't.  As i was about to drive forward, suddenly he was in my path, preparing to BACK OUT.
  i have no idea why.  But,, since i was watching. i was able to not hit him (easier to avoid when going forward!)
  And in a moment i drove FORWARD out of the parking slot, right behind him.

A Skill, and a Way of Thinking

  Very necessary to driving, you have to be constantly aware that another driver or pedestrian might do something you aren't expecting.  Anything you aren't expecting might happen.
  Max has trouble with this.  What he thinks is going on, IS what is going on.
  There are whole scientific studies about this called Theory of Mind.  Whether "Mind Blindness" is an apt description for someone who is unable to allow for others thinking differently is a question beyond me.  But the better you can do this, the better you can drive.
  Or at least that's one factor.  An important one.

That Map in the Head

  i also got to thinking about a vacation past.  We had driven from Indianapolis to Wisconsin Dells, via Chicago, but MyGuy and Boom left Max and i there for a day to fly home & be pallbearers at a family funeral.
  We had a room lakeside, and i was afraid that Max would decide to swim before i woke up.  So i put chairs in front of the door, with signs warning him to not go out - yes, i knew he would be able to read them.
  Likely i overstated the danger.
  My plan for the day was to walk a block to the restaurant for breakfast, walk up the road & see a few sights, walk back to the restaurant for lunch, then return & rest & swim, and have pizza delivered for dinner.
  After breakfast, Max wanted to keep going.  And going.
  Just before we ran out of town, i realized, He's walking home!  And i was quite certain he remembered exactly how to get there.
Max, age 9, outside Parson's Indian Trading Post, Wisconsin Dells, August 2000
  It was August; we were past wilted with heat; it was afternoon.  A kind soul drove us back to - i don't even remember if it was the restaurant or the resort.  Or we may have had a taxi.  i was beat.
  AC and water helped us both.
  We swam.  We had our pizza.  Max ssigned off for the day at his usually incredibly early time.  MyGuy and Boom arrived back after midnight, about 24 hours after they left.
  And the rest of our vacation was as good as we've had.


  i wish i had a map in the head like Max's.
  i wish he was able to share what he knows about the roads - what a gift that would be!
  But a headmap without anticipation of the next guy, i don't think that will make a safe driver.

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