Valentines Day Thoughts

  People talk to me.  Not always an advantage, but apparently i'm a sympathetic listener.
  Talking, telling my own feelings, that's a more complicated issue, but a very important one.
  A lot of the people who talk to me have difficulties in their relationships, or are no longer with a partner.
  Why is not my point here.  Could've been me, though staying together is something important to both of us.  i've found him a real winner and he seems to think the same about me.
  But staying together IS a challenge, especially with other lives to be responsible for.  Even if you believe it's The Right Thing to Do.  Sometimes people get the idea that because a couple has been together for decades it's been easy.
  But it's more than worth it.
  Early in our marriage, i saw a survey in one of those magazines.  Couples were asked to rate their present happiness together vs their happiness 5 years ago.
  The couples who had been most miserable 5 years ago and stuck together were the happiest at the time of the  survey.
  i've found that true with the ladies who talk to me too.  There's hard work to do, talking & otherwise (experience here too, and the issues change but don't go away), but staying with & doing the hard work together instead of as adversaries seems to work better for my friends too.
  i know it's not always possible, but i also know people tend to give up easily.
  Together is worth the work.
  Love you, MyGuy.  Thanks for working with me!

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