Symbolic Photo

  When this picture was taken, we weren't lost.  Yet. 
We were within 15 minutes.
  This was a photostop on our college tour of Europe.  We'd camped in the Black Forest, and stopped by Lake Mummel on our way to Munich.

The Symbolism - Navigating the System, Part I

  Yesterday i went to the local FSSA office to reapply for Max's Medicaid to fund the waiverslot being held for him. (Note:  There will be NO waiver waitlist after this summer.  Check my Getting Help page for links to look into for more info on this.)
  i did not get the application completed.
  i did require assistance at least once per page, and crash the computer six times in the hour i was there.
  i did resist bursting into tears.
  How do people live like this?  i would NOT do this if i did not feel Max's well-being and possibly eventual survival depended on it.

The Symbolism - Navigating the System, Part II

  A few months ago i was able to fix a single mom friend of mine up with a used computer.
  Last week she told me it's still in her garage because she hadn't been able to get a desk for it.
  i was able to find a desk like MyGuy uses for his home computer.  Regular price, $100; sale price, $70; if i spent another $5 and used my discount card, she could have it for $55.
  We went together & she bought a desk.
  The idea was the MyGuy & i were going to help her with assembling it & possibly the computer on Sunday afternoon, but she & her son were sick, so we didn't.
  Today i dropped off the desk at her house (no room in her car).
  And learned that her heat was not working.
  They're sick and the heat wasn't working.  The reading is in the 60s.
  She asked me if i knew where she could call for help.
  i said township trustee?  Look in the front of phone book?
  She said, ah,211.
  Later she called me.  She'd connected with a group through 211, but they wanted her to go online & "register your cellphone."
  Sick people who can't leave the house.  With no computer & no internet.
  She asked me to go online & do this.
   i said i would.
  But i couldn't.
  After i connected with the right group (not the similarly- named group in Boston that deals in health insurance), i discovered they wanted to sell a $75 course in home ownership and have her apply for a loan.  And the application required more info than a friend should legitimately have.
  i called the number on the webpage.
  And got a recording.
  But the person called right back.
  She said they would never tell anyone to "go online" without checking that they HAD internet access.  No doubt that is the standard; i won't try to judge what happened.
  And i gave her enough info that the nonprofit could call my friend.
  But tomorrow.
  After all, it WAS 5:00.

Lost in the Woods

  So, what next?
  i'll get that application in.
  i would run a space heater to my friend, but she has one she can't use because the outlets are bad.
  And who am i?  Where am i?  And what to do next?
  Why can't we just fix everything?

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