From My Inbox: A Survey Opportunity

No longer under 22 or a student, Max does some evening grammar homework.
IN*Source  is an advocacy agency.  They have designed a brief (one page, six questions) online survey for students between 14 and 22 who have any type of disability which affects their education.  The goal is - oh, i'll let the Regional Program Specialist explain it.
Youth Advocacy Project

My name is Karen Rusk and I am a Regional Program Specialist for IN*SOURCE . One of the projects IN*SOURCE is working on at this time has a youth initiative focus in developing self-advocacy skills. Because you have an interest in youth with disabilities, I am inviting you to participate in this project by helping us gather specific data by distributing attached survey to the focus group we wish to help.

The following questionnaire will require approximately three minutes to complete. There is no compensation for distributing or responding nor is there any known risk. In order to ensure that all information will remain confidential, please do not include your name (that's me, or you if you're passng this on) or the participant's name. Copies will be shared with my supervisors on the project. If you chose to assist us in this project please ask youth between ages 14 and 22 to either complete the questionnaire promptly by clicking the link below. Participation is strictly voluntary and you may refuse to participate at any time.

Thank you for taking the time to assist IN*SOURCE in our project endeavors. The data collected will provide useful information for us while shaping our youth initiative. If you require additional information or have questions, please contact me at the number listed below.


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Ph. 574.234.7101  | Ph. Toll Free 800.332.4433  |  FAX: 574.234.7279

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