Slice of Life Communicating with Max

As long as i've been helping Max interact with the world, you'd think i'd be better at it.
Discussion for next morning's doctor Visit

this is a transcription, more or less, of  Mom writing suggestions for Max to check (rendered here as x).  Deviations from our original are to include what we said verbally or to otherwise smoothe thingse out for you.

What do you want to tell Dr. Balance*?
___I'm doing good
_x_need to change medicines
___something else
*If i remember this name, it's a good-fit pseudonym, because he knows the med interactions well and can define the expected results so we can attempt to balance them in our son.
This will be known later as Answer A.

We spoke verbally awhile, and I wasn't sure what I was getting.
Do you _x_like the medicines the way they are
___want to change the medicines I have
___want something different
This will be known later as  Answer B

Answer A & Answer B cannot be true at the same time.
Should I believe your 
_x_A or your ___B  or ___keep trying?

You are saying you need to change your medicines?
 _x_yes ___no

What do you need to change?
___ both _x_ morning ___evening

OK. What is the problem? Is it
 ___ not doing anything for you
_x__ making you feel funny

I think we have something we can bring to Dr. Balance.

Do you want to
 ___say more about your morning medicine now
_x___talk about your evening medicine
____ be done with this

Do you like your evening medicine
 ___as is
___ want more
___want less
_x_makes you feel funny

Do I understand you correctly:
You do not like the ways either medicine makes you feel. T F

We just spent 2 pages of your telling me you don't like how they make you feel.
But you like them anyway? (no answer)

Are we done with this? _x_yes ___no

OK. We are done with this for tonight. We'll talk more in the morning.

So i'm not very good at this, despite years of trying.  It was an off-the-cuff effort about some very technical things.  MyGuy mostly handles Max's meds. i read about them for a cursory knowledge and don't retain it.
i need to talk about this with MyGuy, then we will be ready to discuss this with the doctor.

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