Living as a Writer: Writer's Block?

immigration story Shipwrecked!: 5 chapters of a proposed , unfinished novel written while i was in jrhi
  Usually these days my problem is finding time to write.  i steal it from things that need doing - if i make one phone call a day i'm drained.  Writing and creating art energize me.
  Writing on specific topics can be a problem.  But
i've always been a loosey-goosey (boy i use that term a lot lately!) sort of person.  If it's not work, the words tend to come easily - on paper or the screen, anyway.
  Received wisdom is, if you want to write, write every day.  It doesn't matter what you write about.  Describe your breakfast.  The view out the window.  Your reaction to the news.  Write the backstory to the character in your novel.  The feel of the pen in your hand.  There's tons of books of writers' prompts out there if you have no ideas. 
  i find myself wishing that all my thoughts were recorded so i could come back and edit for publication. (you're welcome that they're not.)
  i took a couple semesters of creative writing class.  One weird thing we did regularly was write our own short story, squeezing it into the sentence forms and rhythms of the great writer's.  i think it was a worthwhile exercise, and some were easier than others.  Just reading great writers helps with writing.  Any reading helps with writing.
 The hardest writing thing for me?  Crafting a good finish.

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