Wordless Wednesday: Snakes Alive????

We had a LOT of fun with this silliness, but i gotta tell it carefully.  Because you can get  in trouble, if people think it's a live one loose with the baby and the toddler. 

Our imaginary boa lived under the indoor slide, until we added our second story.  Then he went to live in the woods down the road (strange, since it was winter!).  He came back, but we never really talked about him afterward.  i guess the new upstairs was too exciting to remember an imaginary snake.


  1. I recall the silliness fading into routine. For years after we stopped kidding around about the snake otherwise, the ritual for leaving the house was for everyone in the car to say "bye house, bye kitty, bye snakes".

    I don't remember if the "snakes" part was dropped before or after the cat died. But Max still says "bye house!" whenever gong anywhere.

    1. I do have the impression that "bye house, bye kitty" felt incomplete, and wasn't used much. So perhaps the snake died with the cat.

    2. Well, he SOMETIMES says "bye house." If he says it, it usually includes the dog and cat, Dad if he's home. Come to think of it, we usually don't do this at all, at least he & i, unless Dad's home.


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