You teach a kid to dress him/herself....

  When i was little, i let my mom choose all my clothes & dress me until i was about 10 years old.
It's not that i couldn't do it myself.  It's just that she wanted to, and i didn't care.
i found THIS dress.
  i was not a small girl.  i was about 100lbs, under 5'tall.  Possibly a LOT under - i surely wasn't the tallest in the class.
  And i was totally entranced with this totally inappropriate A-line dress with horizontal stripes and a wide belt low on my hips.
  My sister the Beanpole Athlete & i both had one.
  And i traumatized my mom by refusing to be dressed anymore.

Opinionated Dressers

  MyGuy formed his ideas of how to dress before we started dating.
  He alternates his clothes into warm & cool colors.  Warm shirts with cool pants, cool shirt with warm pants.
  Always.  No prints.  Limited dull colors.  Usually short-sleeve button-down Oxford cloth, though the collar buttons are unbuttoned, that wild & crazy guy.
  He never wore the printed red shirt i bought him while we were dating.
  i don't buy his clothes or pack for him when we travel.  Which means sometimes we buy swimtrunks or pajamas on the trip, but whatever.
  He's an independent guy.

and then there's Max

  Sensitivity to clothing is a big deal with autistic people.  With Max, it shows up as a refusal to use drawstring waists and not liking to wear belts with his pants.
  This can cause, uh, problems.
  If the pants have a drawstring, out it comes right away.
  It's hard to find pants in his size without either zip front or drawstrings.
  And the zipper ones kinda need a belt.
  It works fairly well for him, considering, but if you see him with pants falling down, well, that's something we could use some help with.

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