The Conversation: Why i'm Here, How to Join In

  i've done artsy/crafty things all my life.  i've written stuff for most of my life.
  i started blogging in 2011.

  As i come to terms with my identity as an artist and a writer, realistically, i would probably have discovered blogging by now.  But as things actually happened, i came to the blogosphere because of Max.

  Truthfully, i would rather not be sharing our story.  i know i'm getting so much of it wrong.  i don't know what's going on in Max's head.  i make a lot of mistakes.
  WE make a lot of mistakes.
  But we probably do some things right.
  We, our family, are not the only ones in under this autism umbrella.
 You need to hear our stories.
  And we need to hear yours.
  Please join the conversation

Guidelines for Commenting

  • At the present you will not see those annoying "Type what you see tests."  However, you should expect me to look at and moderate every comment offered.
  • The most important guideline: Say something of substance.   For example: your take on my opinion,  your own experience, why you disagree. Not this: irrelevant sales pitches, vague compliment.  Be kind.  i'd like to learn from you, and i think my readers might too.
  • i know the internet is a billboard.  i know your privacy is precious.  i don't save or share information.  You can read Google's policy elsewhere.  That said, i need a name of some sort, even if it's made up.  You'll notice one of my followers is autism mom x3.  Something like that preserves privacy, but gives an individual flavor.  An Anonymous comment might get through, but probably not.
  • Email is welcome.  i provide a public email address (wood dot valerie dot valerie at gmail), and, as i said above, i protect your information.  Welcome email topics might include a private conversation, those vague compliments, suggestions on topics or how to improve my blog.   If you don't understand the shortcuts i've taken to protect from spambots, ask a computer-literate friend.  Yes, you do have one or, likely, more 
  • Do you have a blog or website of your own?  You can add it after your name if you like, but to put it in the body of your comment, the site really has to relate to what i've said and actually contribute to the discussion.  That said, adding your webaddress makes the comment less likely to appear. 
  • Google has a spam filter.  If Google tags a message as spam, i will strongly consider that, but take it as final.  Likewise, my geekguys' opinion counts highly too when i determine spam.
  i hope this helps.  If you have a comment about commenting, or the conversation generally, there's probably a relevant post you can submit it under, or you are welcome to email me.
   Believe it or not, i do look forward to hearing from you all and having an intelligent conversation on any of my topics!

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