Wordless Wednesday: MudPuppy

 After summer septic work and months of the fence down due to an accident, Puppers

You teach a kid to dress him/herself....

  When i was little, i let my mom choose all my clothes & dress me until i was about 10 years old.
It's not that i couldn't do it myself.  It's just that she wanted to, and i didn't care.

Monday Maintenance: once more in the spambox

  So many of you are making comments for me.  THANK YOU!
  While most comments will not be published with the original post, since they tend to not add to any ongoing discussion, i would like to address most of them.
  Here is today's batch:

Sibling Leadership Network Survey

Reposted from my inbox: a survey estimated to take about 30 min or less - i got through it in 15-20.

Sibling Leadership Network

The Sibling Leadership Network is studying the support needs of siblings of individuals with disabilities. We invite you to complete this survey and to encourage other individuals you know to participate in the National Survey about Siblings of Individuals with Disabilities, their Support Needs, and their Families. We are looking for people to share their perspectives. The survey is for the following individuals to complete:
· Siblings of people with disabilities
· People with disabilities
· Parents of people with disabilities
· Professionals working with people with disabilities and their families

This is an online survey; it will take less than 30 minutes to complete. The survey is available in English and in Spanish.

The link to the survey is: http://bit.ly/SiblingSurvey


Wordless Wednesday: It's All in How You Look at It

Living as a Writer: Writer's Block?

immigration story Shipwrecked!: 5 chapters of a proposed , unfinished novel written while i was in jrhi
  Usually these days my problem is finding time to write.  i steal it from things that need doing - if i make one phone call a day i'm drained.  Writing and creating art energize me.
  Writing on specific topics can be a problem.  But

Wordless Wednesday: Snakes Alive????

We had a LOT of fun with this silliness, but i gotta tell it carefully.  Because you can get  in trouble, if people think it's a live one loose with the baby and the toddler. 

From My Inbox: A Survey Opportunity

No longer under 22 or a student, Max does some evening grammar homework.
IN*Source  is an advocacy agency.  They have designed a brief (one page, six questions) online survey for students between 14 and 22 who have any type of disability which affects their education.  The goal is - oh, i'll let the Regional Program Specialist explain it.