Red Velvet Cake as a Metaphor for Appropriate

  i love red velvet cake.  For years i'd only had my aunt's version of it, her special, carefully hoarded recipe, only made at Christmas.
  Eventually she shared it, but without the Special Frosting Recipe. Somehow it wasn't the same.
  Finally, when she knew that what she didn't share now would never be shared, she passed on the frosting recipe too.  And i finally had the chance to bake Aunt ______'s Famous Red Velvet Cake.  And i learned

Wordless Wednesday: Tennessee Weekend

My sister, niece, & i went to NE TN this past weekend for a ladies' conference.
The photos got mixed up in uploading, but these are just some of the 100+ views of the gorgeous mountains that i shot.

Wordless Wednesday: My Aunt and Uncle's Antique

The Edison Tabletop Phonograph at my aunt's estate sale.  i knew i couldn't afford to purchase it, so i took this photo.  But i should've also asked to go in the back room & photograph the collection of cylinders that it plays.

Plate Tally, and the Benefits of Corelle

  MyGuy and i were married in the Era of EarthTones.  The Color People had declared  that Everybody Likes Earth Tones, so we had to furnish our home in harvest golds, earth brown, avocado green, harvest orange, copper, and chartreuse, even though i preferred was blues and emeralds.*
   Max breaks plates to communicate frustration.