What sort of an email is this?

  Some people don't accept calls when they don't recognize the number on caller ID.  Some people don't accept emails from strangers or comments on their blog.
  i get that.  Really i do.  But

Wordless Wednesday: Castle or Palace?

Hohenzollern Castle: never used as fortress, but built where former castles WERE
Everybody's Favorite Fairy Tale Castle, Newschwanstein, a mad king's fantasy

Painting Retreat, April 2018

Finally! i've coordinated the dates, and got them here.
April 8-12, 2018
That's the dates of the Indy Decorative Artists' Spring Fling Retreat. i just got the packet asking teachers to submit projects.  Yes, the process is long!  
There's more information, including links, in my Page (see above!).  It's going to be so much fun!

Saturday Sisters: Dorcas Women

Today my friend Debbie Scales is a guest blogger.  Thank you, Debbie, for your regular encouraging words!
I know several women like Dorcas and want to tell you about one of them.
This Dorcas woman

Learning toTell A Story: A Max Update

  The most recent speech therapist discharged Max.  She said that, more than speech therapy, he needs to get out into the world and experience communication.  But she's willing to have me email her for consultations, and

Max's Progress

Very little has changed here since i last updated this.
 Well, we just got good at the previous routine, when it changed!  But Medicaid


  Earlier this week, i had trouble uploading my photos to post.
  i got them transferred off the camera to the computer, but they seemed to have gotten lost somewhere when transferring them to the folder in which i wanted them.
  And it kept taking so long.
  i finally had to close the files and see if it sorted itself out by morning.
  It was of course afternoon before i could get back to it, but, while we dressed in the morning, i asked MyGuy what he'd need to know if i ended up needing his help.
  It is actually simple. Remembering what's required, that's hard.
  • What was i trying to do?
  • What did i do?  Not what actually happened yet, but what keys did i stroke, how did i move the mouse, etc.  How did i operate the machine?
  •  What did i expect?  Not exactly the same question as the first, but very similar.  i think this is a restating of the problem in different terms.
  • What actually happened instead?  i don't know about you, but i always want to say this first!
  • What is wrong?This gets me to look at the problem, like all the times the client called our electrician friend, always late on Friday night, to ask him to come fix the whatever it was.  He asked her to check various stuff first.  Eventually he included "Is it plugged in?" because that was ALWAYS the problem.  And after a few weeks, she didn't call him anymore.  (Maybe someone else - we think she wanted company!)
  It reminded me of simething that happened when i was working for the phone company.
  My job was answering phones and taking trouble reports on phonelines.  We had a script to follow that was very much like the one MyGuy gave me. 
  However, this one man wouldn't tell me anything, except "It's deader'n a doornail! It's deader'n a doornail!"
  i brought my report to the testman, who determined, as i thought, that his phone number couldn't be called (CBC) and the phone had no dialtone (NDT), can't call out (CCO).
  So we figured it out, the testman fixed his problem, but he didn't make it easy! 

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Reconfiguring

The green pencil is the length the blue slate and white were when i started my session. Actually the white went down in more places than the slate blue, but it broke continually for me as i sharpened it.  Likewise, while i didn't use the light blue that day, i had used it a great deal over several months.  It hasn't broken for me yet, though it is harder to get it to hold a point than my Faber Castell ones.
   A few weeks ago, i shared a bit about my experience with the Prismacolor pencils. 
 Today i've got photos of the new pencil case arrangements.

Wordless Wednesday: When is a door not a door?

Boom: I don't remember which children's museum this was, but I was feeling smart alecky and decided to respond to a "This door to remain closed at all times" sign with a note asking "what's the point (of it being a door then)?"

Wordless Wednesday: from my art class

The original photo showed two more arches and interesting branches from teacher Laura's trip to the Alamo.  i snipped the photo and pasted the greenery & branch from other parts of the photo..

Painting Retreat!

  Soon i will need to pack my easels so that some friends going down today can deliver them for signs for the Indy Decorative Artists retreat.  i'll go tomorrow, and MyGuy will be with Max this week, taking him to all the usual places, and no doubt getting a lot of yardwork in before mowing begins.
  It's at The Seasons Lodge in Nashville, IN 47448.  We've got fun classes, and a little sales floor where you can see what's for sale and try painting with small inexpensive projects. (also known as our hangout spot!)
  Nashville should be beautiful this week.

Early 2017 Roundup re Max

Boom and Max

  Did you know


  The Avon, Indiana, public librarian when i was growing up was wonderful.  She spent lots of time recommending books for her patrons.
  The reason i mention Mrs. Thomas now is because ultimately she's responsible for the current Russian kick.  One of those introductions was Robert K. Massie's 1967 masterpiece, Nicholas and Alexandra.  i'm a permanent fan of Nicholas, possibly the ultimate bad fit for his job.
  Just a few of the other books Mrs. Thomas introduced me to were:
and many, many others lost in memory.

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: Game Shelf Past

Not exactly the same games in our current closet.  Notice how i've used shelving, plastic boxes, and an office filer to sort the games.

The gamebox is not your friend!

Changes & Growth

In the past week, we have:
  • had our last speech session.  The therapist thinks Max needs more time relating in the outside world, not private lessons, though she encouraged us to consult as needed.
  • contacted two music therapy companies, which could accept us but not on Max's schedule.  Daytime sessions, yes, very available.  Sessions at a time that wouldn't interfere with The Ultimate Purpose of Life, watching Thomas the Tank Engine, are harder to come by.
  • arranged music therapy, with a 3rd company, to begin tomorrow.
  • heard our son lament the absence of cheese slices in an unusual, but intelligent way:  he sadly said, "Milk."  Which is kinda something, that cheese comes from milk, is in his head when the word "cheese" is unlocatable.
  • bounced our tutoring schedule all around to accomodate these changes and checkups which were set up thinking of the day service schedule with Company A.
  • watched him eagerly ask for reading in our book club story, Theodore Boone: The Fugitive.  Until the previous book, The Autobiography of Santa Claus, Max has shown no interest in reading from these books between club meetings.
Lots more to take care of to get him to independence, but we're happy for what we can see.