A Book & Anniversary Photo

  A guy in our writers' group said people either read to remember or read to forget.  i must be one of the remember ones, since i can't even read something light like this without taking notes and finding lessons.

Signs of the Times: Home Prices

  In 1962, my parents bought the lot to build the home i grew up in.
  We were one of the first five families in the beanfield.  The kids walked to the corner to meet the bus, then rode around for it seemed the entire morning before getting to school.
  There were 11 busses for the entire district.

Saturday Sisters: Having God in All Things

  The rich young ruler was asked to sell all he owned and give the proceeds to the poor.  Jesus was sorry that the man turned away, but we never know what became of him.
  i have some imaginative ideas, but they must remain in the realm of fiction.
  However, we do know about a woman who gave away AND kept her possessions.


Puppers really doesn't like her raincoat, though she doesn't hate it as much as when she was younger.

Big Fence, Little Dog

Someone once remarked how funny it was to have a huge fence and a tiny dog.  There's a story there. . .
    Last time i posted, i shared (among other things) about our elderly (not in HER mind!) Puppers and her problem.