Contracting for Tree and Housework

   Last evening i was looking at a magazine article about dealing with home contractors & i remembered the tree scammers who came through our  neighborhood last year.

A Different Kind of Walking: Getting Close to Graduation

  On the week of Max's first birthday, he took his first steps.
  This walker was supposed to be his birthday present, but he looked ready for it the week before, so we gave it to him early.  Good thing we did, because

Wordless Wednesday: How Do I Love Thee?

How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways. .  .
Oh! The ways that I love thee are as numberless
as my shed hairs upon your rug.
     And I love thee even more during a           thunderstorm!

making popup houses

  While in Columbus Boom and i did the architecture tours and, in the gift shop, bought a couple of books.

One is about the city's own distinctive architecture & history; the other is a really cool popup book for grownups about modern architecture generally.
It seems very recently that both these guys would destroy a popup book.  That is a very easy thing to do!
  Anyway, i thought Max & i would have fun making popups so i downloaded this instruction sheet & pattern & we made some.

News from The Arc: April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

In addition to the usual, this is another subject that i am passionate about. Sometimes people talk to me about their experiences. It is harrowing.

And then there are those who cannot talk about their experiences. 
Words are power, but some assert power like this.  Do we abandon the victims?

Paperwork Reduction

  Well, this SEEMS like how it works
  Scrabble Slam; maybe not according to the rules.  We enjoy playing this while waiting.  Well, Max watches & reads what the rest of us come up with.  But any participation is good, yes?

A Saturday Sister: Lydia

                      . . . . . .  on the Sabbath day we went out of the city
                      gate to the riverside, where we supposed there  was a
                    place for prayer. There we sat down and spoke to the
                    women who had assembled. One of our hearers was a 
                    woman named Lydia. . . . .  She was already a believer 
                    in God, and she opened her heart to accept Paul’s words. 
                    When she and her household had been baptised, she 
                    appealed to us, saying, “If you are satisfied that I am a 
                    true-believer in the Lord, then come down to my house 
                    and stay there.” And she insisted on our doing so.
                                                                                         Acts 16:13-15

 What are you hungry for?

Detecting Spam

  i really do crave your comments.  But lately my actions make me feel like maybe i don't.
  After adding my blurb about wanting them, i've gotten a lot more, but they just feel kinda iffy.  Blogger thinks they are spam, my tech-savvy guys think they are, and i really don't know.  So i delete them.
  And i feel guilty!
  If i caught you, i apologize.  Here's what i'm not looking for, followed by what i'd like to see.