Parenting Imperfect

  One of the purposes of this blog is to share stories of where one very imperfect parent has been.

  Most of these stories may be from times past, but parents are going through similar things today, and need to hear from someone who's been there.  
  If you are such a parent, this will not take the place of a local support group, family and friends, someone "with skin on."  But it can be a start in knowing you are not alone.
  If you have no clue where parents of autistic kids are coming from, this may be a nonthreatening place to learn.  Parents in the midst of this are too frazzled and embarrassed to explain.  (i can tell you that i would really really rather NOT tell even with the long-past stories.)
photo from  this post
  If nothing else, we've had too many hostile responses.

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