Words on Wednesday: Reading about Joseph

  One of the things i loved about Angela Elwell Hunt's Legacies of the Ancient River series is how not only don't we lose track of book one's main character throughout, but he's actually a key figure in them all, sometimes primary, sometimes secondary, but always in the forefront.

Wordless Wednesday: i've looked at clouds from both sides now, or, illustrations for our Cloud homework

Approaching Honolulu: Cumulus?  Fractals?  Definitely a dirty airplane window!
 Max and i looked at clouds tonight & how they're named. 
The homework wasn't much of a success, but here's an excuse to look at my Hawaii photos.
Links we used are below.

More Helpful Links

 In this week's inbox were these articles:
  • http://indianapta.org/  currently has a 3minute video about common core standards.  If it's gone by the time you get there, they also have a page on their site explaining what it's about & why we need it.  (Yeah, finetuning needed, but the idea is sound - hey that sounds familiar.)
  • The national PTA site has a parent checklist.  How is my kid's school doing?  What should i ask to find out?  linking from that page is a 3page pdf with the questions.
  • Here is the calendar for the upcoming sessions of the Indiana General Assembly's' upcoming meetings.  Topics to be discussed include special education and ISTEP.  You can view the agenda, or click on a link to watch the session.  Elsewhere on the site are ways to email or otherwise contact the senators & representatives.  There are multiple sites which will help you find who's representing you, including the Arc of Indiana and Indiana PTA.

The more i know, the less i understand.

Actually i feel that way about a lot of things.  Most of them are kinda academic, but negotiating Max's services is decidedly UNacademic.
  When Max was about this age, i learned