Another Update: Classes

  September 26, 1pm, at Just a Little Bit Moore in Mooresville, IN, fall leaves of my own design, geared to introducing colored pencil techniques.
  Also at 1pm, except on October 10, i will be teaching the butterflies of Sharon Carlson, CDA, at Artistic Designs Gallery in Brownsburg. 

Updated one of my pages

LONG overdue.  i've got some current stuff on my Organizations & Events page.
Looks like i'll need a new photo too sometime, since next year's retreat is in a different place.

Wordless Wednesday: fall flower

We've had balloon flowers ever since we moved in here.  Purple ones and white ones, but this plant is the first with both colors.

speech update, September '15

Blurry Max Karaoke
Maybe i make things too hard on myself about this Medicaid thing.

Wordless Wednesday: Canada Geese

  Back when Canada geese were MIGRATORY birds. we enjoyed seeing them in the spring and fall.
  Now they've decided they like us here and would like to take over.
  Boom was surprised that it was ever otherwise.

The following is a test of your parenting skills. . . .

  i am no one's authority figure.  Apparently i have influence in some quarters; authority is something different.

Wordless Wednesday: Not Your Typical Window

This room, the one i'm inside, was a small cubby-type place, used for our church library.  Later, the library was discontinued, the room emptied, and now the windows are gone.  There's french doors leading to a small cubby for the (volunteer) receptionist, not to be confused with the (paid) admin assistant.