At Last, Wordless Wednesday: War Zone

   A few months ago, i posted this photo in its original black & white.  It's the last one here.
The one above is a negative version, which i did as a graphic in my Open Office Write program.  It's called Invert in the program, which you get to as a dropbox (?right term) under Filters.
  i rather think the revised version, maybe less clear than the original, is in a different way clearer to show how horrible this was.

Thinking college, probably too soon

  John Elder Robison has once more put out a great blogpost.  The newest one is about college for students with special needs, specifically a person with autism but no/very little speech.
  Very thoughtful.  i wonder what college, if ever, for Max will be like?

Landmark College, an accredited two year institution, 4yr programs available; mentioned by Robison
Landmark College on Wikipedia
17 Great Colleges for Students with Special Needs, plus other resources