The Entrance to Another World

  This particular book is annoying, possibly infuriating, but the author has come up with what may become one of my favorite metaphors.

A Blogpost About Blogging

 Just before beginning this post, i had to delete a comment asking about SEO.
 It was pure spam, anonymous, & unrelated to the content of the post it was attached to, but the question was valid.
 i'm not going to tell you about Search Engine Optimization.   If you want to reach an online following, you need be aware of it, but i'm not the person to ask.  There are tons of better sources out there.
  What i am going to tell you is

Autism In the News- Loathe Thy Neighbor Letter & Resolving Neighborhood Dispute: Words of Wisdom from a College Kid on the Spectrum

  Check out Natalie's well-reasoned take on that infamous letter.   i am impressed and amazed at the wisdom and understanding of her comments.
  i admit, i read Natalie's post before knowing anything about the situation, beyond vaguely that someone had sent a nasty letter to a parent.
  After following her link, here are some thoughts of mine.

Why a NonScientific Person Reads Science Books

  When i was in 2nd grade, our science text was a big picture book. Look at the animals!  Look at the trees!  Wow!
  i wanted to be a scientist.
  In the 3rd grade,

Too Many Words on Wednesday: Reading List in July and August

  • i should do these reading lists more often.  This one is quite unwieldy!  To help you navigate this, i will use different colors for different genres.  Novels are in blue; books about Scripture are in purple; mythology is gold;  and self-help/meditation is red.

Do you think you know someone with autism?

   Some of us seem to get to be considered experts in autism by virtue of regularly associating with someone who has it.
   We may not

Five Weeks Later

  To my best count, our recent computer troubles began.
  At first,

"Apply herself" - what does it look like?

Among my current reading are three books written/illustrated/edited by Danny Gregory.
  One of those is An Illustrated Journey: Inspiration from the Private Art Journals of Traveling Artists, Illustrators, and Designers.  There is a lot i could say about it, and may at some point - i am so loving these books! - but right now i want to highlight

Being an Artist/Thinking like an Artist

  For ten years, i worked in my mother in law's art and craft shop.  One of my jobs was teaching classes, including decorative painting.
  Most of my students were better than me from day one, and continued to improve throughout the six week series.  Most probably never picked up the brush again.
  Then there was "Susan."