Holiday Guest

 It was great having Boom home for a few days over Christmas.  And those electronic gadgets are great for keeping in touch when he's DeepInnaHarta.  But i/we like these devices better when he's elsewhere.  Far elsewhere, as opposed to, he's on one floor and we and device on the other floor.
From DeepInnaHarta, they help us keep in touch, as opposed to.....

Old Photo Shows Autism Example

  i recognize autistic symptoms in all sorts of places:
  • an advice column letter in which the woman describes her trying brother in law, who monopolized conversations on his pet topics and wouldn't engage on other topics at all.
  • a novel in which one of the the characters sure sounds to me like someone with autism.
  • people describing their undiagnosed kid to me.

Today i came across an old post of mine
and realized it showed Max doing a very autistic type thing: climbing inside something, having something touching all around.

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: The Train! The Train!

  When i was a kid, it seemed that we couldn't go anywhere without waiting for a train.
  i kinda liked trains, but it wasn't any big deal.  
  Max of course loves trains,

What i've Learned about The Cane

  In his "Introductory" to Reflections on the Psalms, C.S. Lewis  carefully explains that his book is not written because he knows his subject so well, but because he, like his audience, is a beginner. 
  So, in that spirit, i share some tips about using this contraption.