The ABCs of WonderFULL: What You Should Expect to Find here

           i've got a Welcome,  About This Site, About Valerie, and Who i am, Who We are, but even if you've read all those, you may still not really know what to expect. 
A. Autism & Art
B. Books, Books, Books
C. Communication about Computers & Creativity
D. Discipleship &Dogs
E. Education
F. Faith & Family
G. Generalities & Growing Up
H. Home Life, History, & Hawaii
I. Indiana & that annoying lower case i
J. Jobs, Jesus, & Joy
K. a little bit of Kennedy and lots of pleas for Kindness
L. Learning & Life on the Computer Farm
M. Michigan, Moby Dick, & of course Max
N. Nature & Novels
O. Opportunities
P. Ponderings & Problems
Q. A Quorum of Quotes (and then some!)
R. Relationships
S. Stories about School, Scrapbooking, & Signs of the Times
T. Travel & Thomas the Tank Engine
U. Unusual & Unexpected
V. Valerie's Viewpoint
W. the WonderFULL World We Live In
XYZ A Whole Lot of Other Stuff

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