Knotty Little Guardianship Question

  Max likes us to deal with his paperwork.  He has expressed his appreciation for not having to handle it himself.
  When this came in the mail, i thought it was something related to his Medicaid or such.  The envelope was marked like something highly important.

Mishearing the Messaage: A Fine Robe or a Fine Rope?

The message was Luke 15:11-24, the prodigal son leaves & returns to a warm welcome.
We need to know our Father God.  He's not waiting to punish our wayward ways.

Medicaid Trail Steps

Quick updates:
  • Not sure why we did this, but MyGuy & i decided, Hey, he's got to come off soon anyway, let's drop Max from our insurance.  Not playing out well; the dentist's receptionist said, "Good luck with that."
  • Max asked to come with the small group of elders to give worship services at the local asisted living center.  Once he lost it - the sermonette was mainly remembering Christmas past & we didn't have our tree up yet, but mostly he does quite well.  And, seeing Communion regularly, he's asked to study it in Sunday school.
  • Miss Tutor came to our annual meeting.  She wasn't sure of her welcome beforehand, nor even of how much good she's doing with Max.  Then she realized that Max pays more attention to her than anyone else.  She calls it "humbling."  And, previously expressed, working with him is influencing her future studies.
  • FSSA has lost our paperwork again.  As recounted before, they misfiled our Disney stock info.  At least once before they misfiled our guardianshiip papers.  And now they've done it again.
  • And we have to refax those so that FSSA can talk to us about instating the Hoosier Healthwise insurance.  Because he has none until they get the End of Insurance notice from the former insurance (MyGuy estimates, based on previous dealings with them, probably March or April), AND FSSA gets their head together with the guardianship papers so that they can talk to someone who, is a responsible party for Max.
  • Good thing that supplemental security income account is running a little high just now.  It's supposed to be "close to the bone," though MyGuy never agrees with that.  Right now it's unusually high.  Not for long.  Meds alone will eat that, even with us kicking in generously.
  • And we need the guardianship papers to find out what coverage is to schedule speech & other services.  Right now i'm figuring we can do twice a month, but we really do need to know.  And FSSA are the only people who can tell us,but they can't talk to us unless.....
  • Our annual meeting went well, and i think our new case manager will work out fine.
  • One thing i was looking forward to about having a case manager was NO MORE PHONE CALLS.  i thought i'd just consult.  What i do is get advice about navigating the system, then make the phone calls myself.

Wordless Wednesday: a trip

This could be anywhere around here.  i love the vivid way the frozen ice meets the liquid water.  Actually this is the little lake behind

Sarah: Part 1

 A woman's life may not be over at age sixty-five, but we today know she is old.
  Or at least in her "sunset years."  And almost certainly she's already had any children she's going to have.*
  If her husband says, "Let's sell everything & be nomads in the desert," she'd have good reason to wonder if he had a screw loose.
  If she's childless and her husband says, "God told me to sell everything and go to the desert to live.  Honey, we're going to be ancestors of mighty nation!" maybe she should gently urge him to see his doctor.
  A strong woman would know that doesn't add up. . . .