Who i am, Who We Are

MyGuy,  pregnant  me, Boom
 1.  On this blog you will know us by pseudonyms .  This may be confusing, especially if you know us in real life.  In keeping with this, the photos will be photos of times past or otherwise difficult to link with the present person.
2.   i'm Valerie.  Actually, that's my real name, internet rules being what they are.  But my family deserves a bit of privacy, and, while you could if you like find us, i ask you to respect that and just go with what's here.
 3.  MyGuy is the term my husband asked to be known by.  He's a computer professional of decades-long standing with maybe unusual ideas of how a computer system should be run.  We get upgrades, not as soon as finances allow, but when we can no longer operate on the old stuff.  Personally, he doesn't see any need for photos on his web interface or for color printing off the computer.
4.  Boom, short for Boomerang Kid, is our oldest.  He's the birthday boy above, and now my co-author.  (That's partly, but not entirely, because i can no longer say, "Hey, Boom, come look at this please.")
  When he went through the public schools, he was known as one of the gifted kids.  These days, he's a recent college graduate, living at home, working reduced hours in a big box store while he looks for something better.  His degree/career training is in making/directing/producing TV and movies - do NOT mistake this for reporting and news!
Fall 2014 Update:  Boom has 'ranged out again.  He's living in a completely different part of the country, pursuing the career he's trained for.  Yeah, and a paying job to follow.  This is guts and stepping out on faith here.
  Oh, and he's really good with his brother.

 5.  Max, short for Maximum Smile, is our youngest.  Is there any doubt why?
  Max has always been a happy sort of fellow.
  At the age of two and one half, he was diagnosed with autism.  As severely autistic as he is, however, he is more severely impacted by his communication disorders.  Overall, Max is a healthy young man of 21 22 24, noticing pretty girls and "conversing" in the titles of Thomas the Tank Engine episodes.  In the summer of 2013 we are dealing with transition to adulthood issues, which is to say What is Next Now that the School Bus No Longer Comes.
Fall 2014 Update: Most of the above is still true about Max.  We've started on the path of What is Next Now that the School Bus No Longer Comes.  It's not that bad, but doesn't really fit.
  i hope for all our sakes we come to that point.

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