Getting Along

Well, here's something we all have a bit of trouble with.  Or at least know people who do.
5/12/12    It occurs to me that my insistence on getting along might seem Pollyanna-ish.  It is true that i hate conflict.  And  i know in fact people do NOT always get along.
 In fact, that is why i insist on it so much. 
 As our recent election shows our nation veering toward increasing partisanship (aka refusal to get along), the message seems more important than ever.
Make no mistake.  My opinions and beliefs are just as divisive as any tea partier or fundamentalist religionist.  Often they are the same beliefs and opinions.
However, if i refused to talk sensitive topics with people who disagree with me,  whom i disagree with, i would never have the opportunity to better figure out what's true.  "Iron sharpens iron," the Preacher said in the book of Proverbs.
More importantly, we keep talking.  Things happen.  We both get new ideas.  
And i would never have experienced those awesome moments when i ask a simple question and the other person drops their jaw and begins to realign their entire belief system.
6/29/12  MyGuy said he likes discussing different opinions so that two people can arrive at the truth, sort of like finding the figure hiding within a block of granite.  Actually, i prefer to do the same activity alone.  You tell me what you think, i go mull it over.  If we continue talking, i feel hammered on.  
But whatever our personal styles, we've got to keep talking.  And listening.  
If we only listen to people who think like we do, it's like becoming an ingrown toenail.

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