Saturday Sisters: Sharing Our Testimony

  So many of us KNOW what Jesus has done for us but have a hard time sharing.  Yesterday i got in my inbox a link to Liz Curtis Higgs' article, telling how she shared the difficult story of her own past with her children.

Meeting (at last!) Our Case Manager

    In August of 2001, i met a Case Manager.  She said it was her dream job, because she loved to talk on the phone all day.
  i knew i needed one, because i HATE to talk on the phone.
  MyGuy had been reluctant to apply for waiver services, because we can and we want to take care of our boy ourselves.
  Max was 10.  i applied that day.  The Case Manager told me we would have services in "six months, tops."
  This week Max and i met with our very own Case Manager for the first time.

Wordless Wednesday: Playing with the Crop, near Spencer Beach

On Spencer Beach, i took a lot of photos.  At first glance, this one seemed deleteable.

  On the west coast of Hawaii's Big Island, sort of tucked into an "elbow" between Kohala and the Kona district, lies Spencer Beach Park.  The mountain visible in these photos is Hualalai.  It's to the south, where the famous resorts line the coast.

Wordless Wednesday: Finished, For Now at Least

i worked some more on the project shown here. 
 i may come back to it at some pont, but, for now, i'm done.  It just needs something protective to store it in.